Everything in the Universe has its time and form; only the Heart of the World is forever. That is the Cosmic Law. Every epoch, like the great serpent Amaru, twists through eternity. In each of its turns, great power is hidden and the Unnamed One returns. In oblivion all thoughts are consumed, but the wise one learns the lesson: the Unknowable is not a single deity, but all of them are contained within its mystery. It always returns to speak in the places that give it voice, when someone is there to hear. In these places those who understand the celestial light… or those who listen to their own inner silence… will know. They are in the void that is the axis around which the unruly wheel of ignorance turns. At your father’s side, when you saw the temple assaulted, a celestial Amaru bit its own tail. And the priests knew that in the ancient valley, where the voice of Irma lives, worship is called forth by the roar of the Earth uplifting the name of Pachakamaq. Without knowing it, the sons of the Wiraqochas will name the god they thought they had destroyed. And the name is, “I AM.” The time of your fulfillment is near. We have lived only for its arrival, to announce it to you.

(… teaching of Asunción Acctu, wise elder of Pachakamaq). “El Oro de Pachacamac” by Luis Enrique Tord.
*The spelling of “Pachakamaq” is from us.

The people of the new age are the ones who would always protect Life and their paths will always be under the protection of the Earth Mother, our “Pachamama.” Groups of people and different associations raise the flag of ecology against a background of politics and power, justifying with their example the continued destruction of many parts of our land and the biodiversity of our surroundings.

Harmony in our lives ought to show itself in every moment, if we are insincere there will come a moment when we receive messages from nature that tell us we are following a dangerous path that sooner or later will threaten our wellbeing, manifesting as illness, pain and suffering, all typical of this earthly dimension; we are not perfect and to err is human, but to go against the current when we know better is to seek to harm ourselves.

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