SHAMANIC CELEBRATION – RENEW YOURSELF 01 day class about the Inka and the Lunar Initiations JOIN US THIS APRIL 11TH ***Includes the book “The Crystal City of Machu Pijchu,” in PDF


Within the Andean calendar, Moon cycles, equinoxes are auspicious periods when in Inka times the celebrations of the festival for Earth and Heaven, was held. It is the day when our planet reaches its point of equilibrium, to then begin a new cycle. This is the day in which the greatest number of sacred celebrations and festivities took place and when new initiates were groomed in the ancient esoteric practices of the Andes. In an energizing sense, we remark that this special occasion, when the Earth sets forth on its journey in balance to the mother Star, generates stellar conditions favorable for the undertaking of great spiritual activities and magical ceremonies. This is why the most prominent and important of all initiations were performed by the Sun itself. If astronomy constituted the science necessary for the orderly growth and development of Andean society, the Sage and masters understood that the days of solstices and equinoxes signified not only the start of a new season, but also the generated the energetic frequency necessary for the esoteric initiation of their leaders. We are sharing in this class part of the this amazing magic world of the Andes. Become an initiate by the light.


* Invocation & Gratitude * The Earth, the Sun and the Moon * The sacred feminine – Woman goddess of the Earth * From tribe to community * Power objects * Your center of power * Body dynamic * Ceremony with Power Animals * Sacred plants * History of Kondor and Kolibrí * The Andean Master Path * The paradigm of God * The shamanic path of liberation * Heart – Moon Meditation * CLASS APRIL 11th: US $ 36

-NEW MOON APRIL 11th: 11h – 13h (Pacific time – CUSCO) -April 11th: 8h – 10h (CALIFORNIA) -April 11th: 12h – 14h (NEW YORK) -April 11th: 17h – 19h (LONDON) *Please check the time for your region anyway. SUBSCRIPTION:

I agree as submit this subscription to participate in this virtual course for those days mentioned above. When you discover your Power and realize your Freedom to start flying as the Kondor, you must preserve the Essence and Sweetness of the Hummingbird. In this way, you will always manifest the unconditional Love and Light from Pachamama and Wiraqocha. The Kondor expresses totality of the heavens and the Hummingbird represents its soul. The Power and Sweetness are the path of the solar initiates, which is the path of Pachakamaq – the Universe. After the sunset comes a new sunrise, I invite you to follow always the light. Mallku